Summer sweetness amid life’s bitterness

When I was a kid, I lived for summer. Afternoons spent splashing in the pool, sleeping on blankets in the grass, and slurping frozen ice pops – those were the days. It was pure bliss.

Even when I was in college, I still thought of summer with eager anticipation. Summers as a college student looked different, but were still something to look forward to – visiting friends and traveling to foreign countries and catching up with family.

Now I am a full-fledged adult. As we begin to transition into another summer, I find that I don’t have the anticipation that I used to. I have allowed myself to be so weighed down by the cares of this world that I sometimes have a hard time remembering the good things.

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My summer bucket list

They say that the days are long but the years are short. So true! Can you believe that summer is already here? I certainly can’t. It seems like Christmas was only yesterday.

Yet here we are, well into the throes of whatever summer looks like where you are. For me, it’s blistering heat, afternoons spent by the pool, less traffic, and lots of gnats and mosquitoes.

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What I’m looking forward to this Advent

Advent – the four weeks before Christmas – is a time of expectation and excitement. Hopefully, you have been able to sit down and think about some things that you’re expecting and planning for in the upcoming year. If you’re feeling a little stuck, however, I thought I’d give you some assistance to help get those creative juices flowing.

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Summer bucket list

My summer bucket list

I like the idea of a bucket list.  Always have.  I love the thought of having these big dreams and goals, the excitement that comes with finally getting to check one of them off of your list.
Of course I am well aware that many people, if they have a “bucket list” at all, really have more of a “pipe dream list” – things that they’ve always wanted to do, but in their hearts know will probably never happen.
That’s why I like to make mini bucket lists as well, things that I want to do every season that are fun and easily doable.
It helps keep me focused. It reminds me of all the seasonal activities that I like to do every year, like strawberry picking in the spring or pumpkin carving in the fall.  It’s also a great way to keep those bigger bucket list items in mind, a reminder to keep working towards them if I want to actually make them a reality.
With summer already in full swing in most cities, I thought I would share with you my summer bucket list.  Hopefully it will inspire you to make your own!
Bucket lists don’t have to be expensive or complicated or hard to complete to be fun.  Won’t you join me this summer in letting loose and making the most of your time off?
If you have a summer bucket list this year, let me know what made the cut in the comments!

Fun and meaningful ways to celebrate Memorial Day

Memorial day is just a few days away!  

Many people spend the day grilling out and spending time with friends and family.  But there are plenty of other ways to occupy the day, as well!  I’ve compiled a list of activities that you can do with your family to celebrate the holiday together.  

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Easter eggs

Creative ways to use eggs to celebrate Easter

My husband and I are getting ready to go out of town for Easter, to visit my grandfather for his 90th birthday.

As we prepare, I’m thinking about ways I’ve celebrated Easter in the past.  Eggs, of course, are an integral part of most Easter celebrations.  They have always been a symbol of new life and rebirth, and in the Christian tradition they are used at Easter to symbolize the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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