Couple holding hands

The one thing all young couples need to remember

Merry Christmas!  By now, I imagine you’ve cleaned up all of the wrapping paper from the living room, recovered from any Christmas-day bloatedness, and maybe you’ve even already started putting up the decorations and writing thank-you notes.

I recently wrote an article with suggestions for how you can make your own holiday traditions as a new couple, instead of trying to do everything the way your parents used to do it.  But I realized as I was writing that I forgot to mention the most important thing that young couples need to keep in mind – around the Christmas season and beyond.

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Newlywed couple

The One Question You Should Never Ask Newlyweds

I’ve been married for about 2 months now.  We’re definitely still newlyweds. In that short amount of time, I’ve already come to dread the question “How is married life?” This is far and above the most common question I’ve been asked since the wedding day. It’s hit or miss as to whether people will ask me about my job, or my hobbies, or what places I’ve visited recently, or what God’s been teaching me, etc.  It’s guaranteed, however, that they will ask me how married life is.

Why does this question bother me?

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