3 ways you might be blocking love in your life

I recently sent a text to my mother-in-law, thanking her for how well and unreservedly she has loved me since I joined her family. Her response was simple: “I’m so grateful that you accepted our love!”

As I reflected on her words, I realized that this simple sentence has profound implications for our day-to-day lives and relationships.

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The weaknesses of our strengths

I recently finished reading a novel by Alain de Botton called The Course of Love. It follows the lives and romance of Rabih and Kirsten as they meet, fall in love, marry, have children, and shoulder on through the trials of life.

There was one passage in particular that really stuck out to me, grabbed me by the ears and simply would not let me go. I’ve copied it here below:

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Mei: Give back

I had heard about Mei long before I had the pleasure of meeting her. A co-worker of my husband, he had already told me many stories about her zeal for adventure and passion for travel before we ever clapped eyes on each other. Now that we have officially met, Mei has certainly lived up to all of the stories my husband told me. I love following her travels – it seems that every time she posts something online she’s in a different country!

Here is Mei’s story:

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The extraordinary ordinary

A few weeks ago I heard a speaker telling her audience about her recent trip to Copenhagen.

As the taxi driver drove her around the city, she marveled at its the beauty.

She was so effusive in expressing her delight at what she was seeing that eventually the driver made a comment about it.

“You know,” he said, “I appreciate you finding so much beauty in this city. I’ve been here so long that it’s all become commonplace to me. I don’t really notice the beauty all around me anymore.”

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