Dear future daughter: I hope you settle

Author’s note: this is not my usual fare at all, so I apologize if it seems out of place. But it’s something that’s been on my heart for a while, and I wanted to share it.  Also, just to clarify, I am NOT currently pregnant 😉

Dear future daughter,

Many years in the future, when you are beginning to look for a husband…I very much hope that you settle.
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Olympic rings

Why I’m so excited about this year’s Olympics

In honor of the Olympic Games in Rio, I’ve decided to change up my format a bit. I hope you enjoy this article about a new addition to the games that I’m really looking forward to.
I’m terribly excited about the Olympic Games in Rio this month.

Not because of all the drama that’s surrounded them – Zika virus, terrorist threats, water crisis, poor athlete housing, and incomplete buildings.  Even seeing athletes from all over the world performing at the top of their game isn’t what most attracts me.  Although, to be fair, I’m sure that will be an impressive sight over the next few weeks.

What I’m most excited about is the fact that, for the first time in the history of the Games, there’s an official Refugee Olympic team.

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In honor of dads on father’s day

Today’s post is a bit different from my usual fare.  As I was thinking through what I could do in honor of father’s day, I decided that the best homage to my dad would be in his own words – a letter he wrote to me on my 13th birthday.  In my family we have a coming-of-age celebrate whenever a kid turns 13, and this was his gift to me on that day.  He also read it 4 years later at my high school graduation, and I bawled just as much as I had the first day I got it. Make sure to go out and honor your dad or father-figure sometime this week. Enjoy, and happy father’s day!
Beloved Lauren,

As mom determinedly continued with her kitchen efforts, I glanced unnoticed at my watch.  Her spells of discomfort were exactly 1.5 minutes apart.  She thought it was gas.  I quietly doubted it, knowing that everything else was about to be transformed.  You entered my life and heart with boldness – bursting into the world 20 minutes later without even giving your mom the chance to adjust, or leave the gurney, or even the hospital hallway.IMG_6273

I confess that I had no idea how to treat a little girl – I really still don’t.  The joys of dolls, pink stuff, dance lessons, clothes, crafts, sleepovers, hairdos and emotions are still pretty foreign to me.  Yet I don’t believe there is anything that makes me more awestruck than having a daughter.  It is amazing to me that God would entrust me with someone as special as you.  You have taught me to care about being a provider, to be sensitive, and to consider people’s hearts. God has shown me that He loves you infinitely, that He entrusts you with the hearts of people around you, and that He has more for you than either you or I can imagine.

Like your grandmother and namesake you are a lover of life, full of striking inner beauty and noble character.  Like Simon Peter, your boldness seems to know no bounds.  The Lord has given you the privilege to lead and influence many.  Wisdom and humility will bear much good fruit.

I see a lovely young woman emerging in you.

Look to the wife of noble character of Proverbs 31 for guidance, not to imitate her but to be inspired by her.  Her strength comes not from her achievements but from her reverence for God.  I pray that you also will delight in the Lord and His ways, and that His Spirit will be mighty in you and bring you joy.  I pray that you will be an encourager, and that your strength may come in soft words.  I pray that you will always find satisfaction in the special and wonderful person that God has created you to be, and that you will always share that person with others.

Know that you are a daughter of the King, and that you shall reign in spiritual realms and good things shall come to you.  I pray that even now the Lord will be preparing a godly, honorable husband with whom you may share oneness and a respected name.  I pray that the fruit of your womb shall be great, and that you will always find abundant joy in your family.  I pray that God will protect your spirit, that you may live in holiness and never be burdened by regret.  In you I pray God will plant desires that please Him and that He will fulfill them.  Be humble, but not timid; bold, but not proud; courageous, yet sensitive.  God has begun an awesome work in you, and He will be faithful to complete it.

I love you deeply, and am so very proud of you!         Love, Dad