Guest Posting

I believe that stories are meant to be shared, and I welcome guest post submissions.  Please adhere to the guidelines listed below:

  • My website is about making an adventure out of life, and the things that can be learned by doing so.  Please try to tailor your stories accordingly.  This still leaves room for plenty of creative flexibility; mainly I want stories to have a personal “hook” and then something the author learned or some other way that my readers will be improved by reading it.
  • I generally ask that guest posts be limited to 750 words maximum.  If it’s a very well-written article I will consider extending this limit.
  • I prefer unique content that has never been published before, even on your own blog.  If you send previously published material, please make sure to tell me when you submit it.
  • If you would like to receive an author byline, please include a short biography (3-4 sentences) with links to your website and social media profiles, if you desire (no more than 4 links, please).
  • I will read over submissions and make small grammatical edits as necessary, but please make sure you’ve already edited it before submitting.  It’s bad form to submit articles for publication that are rife with errors :).
  • If you want any hyperlinks included in the article, please include them in your submission (and check your links to make sure that they work).
  • If you would like to submit a guest post, you can send me either the pitch or the full article at

I reserve the right to reject an article, even if it’s a full article, if I deem the content unsuitable for my readers.  Once I have approved the article, I will send you a publication date by email.


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