A better way to make new year’s resolutions – part 2

Reviewing and reflecting on last year are important. Most people want to skip reflection and jump right into their goals. I understand. I’m the same way. Who has the time to think about the past when there are so many things to be done in the future?

As they say, however, haste makes waste. It’s important to set a good foundation before you begin building your house. On Monday I gave some tips for creating that foundation by thinking about the good, the bad, and the ugly of last year. Now that that’s done, let’s go full steam ahead on designing a roadmap for achieving our goals!

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In the arena of life, are you winning or losing?

I recently found out that an old college classmate of mine died.

She was a few years older than me, so technically we were never classmates. By the time I enrolled in college she had been hired by the office of Residential Life, so even though we never shared a class I still knew her fairly well. Although older than I, she was only 32 when she died. A tragedy, many would say.

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3 things I learned when I took time for myself

As I mentioned in my last post, I recently went on a marriage retreat.

Although the retreat was lovely and wonderfully refreshing for my marriage, I think it did even more for me personally. It allowed me a chance to rest and get my thoughts together. I took naps, went on walks, read, ate chocolate, watched the sunset. On the high ropes course, I pushed myself to face my fear of heights. I prayed and meditated. It was such a desperately needed weekend of rejuvenation for me.

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6 tips for breaking your goals down into achievable pieces

We’ve already discussed the Eisenhower decision matrix and the tyranny of the urgent.  Now it’s time to talk about how to dive deeply into quadrant 2 – the quadrant of quality.

Whether in a product, an aspiration, or a life in general, quality does not happen by accident. It does not happen on a whim. Quality takes careful preparation, practiced patience, and dogged determination.

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