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Little things that change the world

This is part 1 of a 4-part series. Stay tuned for the rest over the next few weeks!

A few weeks ago, it finally happened. The thing I’ve been looking forward to with both dread and excitement for years.

My brother graduated from high school.

Nine years my junior, my brother Joshua and I have a special bond. He’s the first of my 3 younger siblings, and as such I have many memories of playing with him, getting him dressed, or rocking him to sleep as a baby. I did all those things with the next 2 kids as well, but there’s something extra special about the first.

As you might be able to imagine, then, I’ve been having some trouble with the thought of him graduating. I just can’t reconcile my memories of him as a baby with this tall, handsome, kind young man I see before me today!

Yet his graduation came and went nevertheless, regardless of whether I was ready for it or not.

The keynote speaker was Judge Joe C. Bishop, a middle-aged man of ordinary appearance whose intelligence, wisdom and charisma is anything but ordinary.

I was so impressed with the lessons he imparted to the graduates. They might not have been listening, but I sure was.

One of the first things that Judge Bishop talked about was the importance of eating a frog every morning, a tactic I’ve written about before myself. This simply means to find an unpleasant task and complete it first thing every day. If you’re like most people, your productivity will soar throughout the rest of the day, since you will already feel so accomplished from the morning.

If you leave out analogies of slimy amphibians, this tip is basically a commentary on the importance of self-discipline. Lasting success is not created by singular acts of great discipline, but by daily acts of small ones.

Whether you want to start off your day with a frog, or simply by making your bed and taking your vitamins, it is these small daily acts that will eventually accumulate into great things.

Judge Bishop’s talk was full of incredible wisdom. So my next three articles will be a continuation of some of the lessons he taught during his speech. I hope you end up learning as much as I did!


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