2 thoughts on “The symbolism of the advent wreath

  1. Yes, I love our little advent wreath! And even more, its significance. Your comment about how it affected you as a child is a good reminder to parents during this holiday season. We don’t always know what sticks in our children’s hearts and minds…but we need to remember that our words and actions DO.
    Of course, there’s always grace when we flub up… lol
    Merry Christmas <3

  2. We have always set up our CrĂȘche underneath our Christmas Tree as part of our decorating process. The symbolism of the Nativity scene is one that helps us to focus on the coming of Christ. I wrote about this a few years ago, and about the Living Nativity at our local church (unfortunately they no longer have this event). I think of the word Living as a verb, as in Living (the) Nativity


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