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A better way to make new year’s resolutions – part 2

Reviewing and reflecting on last year are important. Most people want to skip reflection and jump right into their goals. I understand. I’m the same way. Who has the time to think about the past when there are so many things to be done in the future?

As they say, however, haste makes waste. It’s important to set a good foundation before you begin building your house. On Monday I gave some tips for creating that foundation by thinking about the good, the bad, and the ugly of last year. Now that that’s done, let’s go full steam ahead on designing a roadmap for achieving our goals!

My husband’s employer, Salesforce, utilizes a method they call V2MOM for goal-setting and alignment. When he and I sat down to talk about our goals last week, we decided to utilize the same system.

V2MOM (pronounced vee-two-mom) stands for Vision, Values, Methods, Obstacles, and Metrics. It’s a way to create an actual path to success, rather than simply a wish list that you might someday complete. This was my first time doing a V2MOM, but I loved it so much that I knew I had to share it.

First, start with vision.

There’s a verse in the Bible that I love that says “without vision, the people perish.” If you don’t know why you’re pursuing your goals you’ll never have the motivation and will to actually achieve them. Michael and I were creating a vision for ourselves as a couple and a family, so our vision statement focused on things like generosity and hospitality.

Once you’ve decided on your vision for the year, think about the values that drive that vision.

For us, that list included things like community, relationship, and mutual respect for and understanding of people who are different from ourselves.

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff describes methods as the action items needed to get the job done (the job being the vision). Personally, I prefer to think of methods as goals, or the more traditional “resolutions” – things like losing weight, developing better friendships, buying a new house, traveling more, etc. However you choose to look at methods, the key is to make sure that your methods are actionable, or else you’ll end up with David Allen’s amorphous blob of undoability. I found this step so much easier to do after I’d already crystallized what I valued and where I wanted to go in the upcoming year.

Once you have your goals, you have to commit to a way to achieve them!

For each goal, write down possible obstacles that could keep you from reaching your goal, and measurable metrics you’re going to use to track your progress. For example, obstacles to better health might be overeating, lack of self discipline, not being able to find exercise that you enjoy, being too busy, etc. Some possible metrics to measure health would be reducing weight, BMI, cholesterol levels, pant or dress size, and so on. It doesn’t matter how you measure your progress…as long as to you it shows real, measurable progress.

I love the V2MOM system because it gives you a roadmap to follow. Once you have your map, you simply have to decide on your route. If you know that motivation is going to be an obstacle to going to the gym, find a workout buddy. If you know that crazy schedules have the potential to block your goal of developing deeper friendships, then be proactive about setting apart time on your calendar for those relationships. The possibilities are endless.

Here’s to your best year ever!

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