Forge your significance

Welcome to “Forging Significance,” a place where people can learn to find significance, no matter where their life has taken them.

Let me tell you just a little bit more about myself.

In college I acquired an insatiable love of travel, but after spending a year in South Korea I ended up returning to America indefinitely.

I felt utterly lost, completely unable to recapture the magic of living that I had so easily found when I was globe-trotting all over the world. I had lost the thrill of life.

Eventually, however, I realized that there is always an adventure to be found. We all have the ability to lead a significant existence, a life of meaning and fulfillment. Because true significance is not found in new experiences, but in new perspectives.

Would you like to forge your own significance? Well you’re in luck!
I’ve just released a new course – 30 days to significance

In this course, I will help you create permanent change in your life by teaching you how to reframe the mental models that you’ve created for yourselves.¬†I touch on things like addressing toxic stories that are keeping you trapped, learning self empathy, taking responsibility for your own life, creating goals and accountability, sticking to your goals, etc. There are video lessons twice a week, each followed by two days of homework, and then a reflection day at the end of each week.

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