2 thoughts on “The best way to get your needs met

  1. A very insightful article. I’m in a long marriage and my needs are no longer met on many levels. I’m in a rut and not sure what to do at this point. I came across your article while looking for solutions, friendship and discreet companionship. Maybe if I found that, it would make the fact that I have expressed my needs, but to no avail, less painful.

  2. Interesting how this resonated with my “sales” persona. We have prospective customers that ask us for a proposal, and we try to hone in on the right solution and price it accordingly. The customer says “we really need this, I’m not worried about the cost”. Until we present the proposal, and all of the sudden “Oh no, no, no! That’s much too high. You’ll have to do better than that!”… Training sales people to engage and converse with a customer is the most important step. If we understand their needs, we can communicate cost/value to them much more effectively.

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