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Don’t forget to show dads some love

Can you believe that Father’s day is just around the corner?

Perhaps, like many of us, it’s snuck up on you, in which case let this serve as your friendly reminder :).

I often feel like dads get a bum deal when it comes to celebratory holidays in their honor. On mother’s day, moms get showered with cards, flowers, chocolate, breakfast in bed, and sometimes even expensive jewelry. But dads? What do they get? Maybe a couple of cards and well-wishes, if they’re lucky?

Study after study has shown the critical importance that dads play in the life of their child.

Kids with absent fathers are significantly more likely to do drugs, commit a crime, be incarcerated, drop out of high school, become pregnant, live below the poverty line, and more. Our fathers (whether they were present or absent) have played a huge role in every one of ours lives.

That’s not to say you can blame your life on your dad.

As adults and even teenagers, we’re all responsible for the choices we make, regardless of the cards that we were originally dealt. However, it can’t be denied that many of our fathers have had an enormous impact on whether we’ve chosen to make good or bad decisions with our lives.

I was blessed with a good father growing up. Of course he was human like us all – and made plenty of mistakes – but at the end of the day, there is no denying that he loved me and did his best to support me. I’ve been doubly blessed with an equally wonderful father-in-law. He also has his quirks and flaws, but again, there is no denying that he truly cares about both his son (my husband) and myself.

Growing up, I used to think this was normal. As an adult, I’ve been sadly reminded over and over again of how rare good fathers really are.

Have you been blessed with a good father?

Not a perfect one, of course – no one has that. But a good one nonetheless? I encourage you to take some time this year to really celebrate him. Throw him a party, mail him a gift if he lives far away, take him out to his favorite restaurant. Make sure he knows how much you really do appreciate him.

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