How to celebrate mother’s day – even if you’re not on good terms

Mother’s day is coming up!

This is supposed to be a special occasion, a date to recognize and celebrate the woman who gave us life.

Many people, however, have less than ideal relationships with their mothers. Perhaps there was abuse or neglect, or some other sort of trauma. Maybe your experience is nothing so drastic, but nevertheless your relationship with your mother can be fraught with tension.

How do you approach Mother’s Day when you have a hard time being grateful for your mother?

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Jeanine B: The ordinary important

I first met Jeanine as a fellow expat living in South Korea. Over the years, I’ve watched her kids grow up, and enjoyed the fellowship of her and her family on 3 separate continents. Jeanine tells us of her inter-cultural and multi-ethnic life, the lessons her children have taught her, and her faith that’s sustained her through it all. Read on for her full story!


While I am Minnesota born and raised, my first name is actually French. Additionally, my maiden name is Norwegian, but my married last name is from Middle Eastern culture despite the fact that I am married to a Peruvian whose first name is of Italian origin.

Yes, our names Are quite strange, but they match an international lifestyle that we have had ever since we were married.

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3 ways to take your thoughts captive

Growing up, I’d always been rather controlled by the vagaries of my thoughts. It’s not that I sought negative feelings; but when situations arose that prompted negative feelings, I always felt powerless to do anything about it. I just assumed that there was nothing to be done except ride the wave.

It’s been so empowering, therefore, to learn that I don’t have to be a helpless victim of my circumstances.

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