It’s ok to be insecure

Last week I had a major battle with insecurity.

It happens a lot to me, when the demons of doubt and fear start yelling in my ears, telling me that I’m not good enough, that I’ll never be good enough.

They shout at me, asking me over and over again what the heck I’m doing with my life. Sometimes I answer back calmly and confidently, letting them know politely but firmly that I know exactly what I’m doing with my life, thank you very much.

Sometimes, like last week, I just curl up in a ball and hide.

Imposter syndrome is a very real thing.

This topic keeps coming up in my life, over and over and over again. In the last 3 days alone, a hugely successful author, a life and storytelling coach (also quite successful), and a licensed optometrist, have all confided in me that they struggle with feeling like an imposter.

What a relief it was to hear them say that.

I know I don’t have it all together – nobody does. But if these people who have done so much with their lives, who so many others look up to, have days when they wonder what they’re doing with their lives…well then, maybe my insecurities aren’t so bad, after all. Maybe I’m better at life than I let myself believe sometimes.

Perhaps you can relate. Maybe you understand the feeling of wanting to hide from the world, of refusing to get out of bed because you’re convinced that it would simply be a waste of time.

It is ironic that nearly everyone struggles with these types of feelings, and yet at the same time nearly everyone is certain that they are one of the few people in the world who can’t get their act together.

It was so incredibly liberating for me to hear these strong, successful people, people that I greatly admire, admit that so often they feel like they’re winging it.

That’s why I’m so passionate about being vulnerable. Not only does vulnerability prepare you to enter into meaningful relationships, but it also releases the people who experience it from the prison of perfectionism. It allows you to be yourself. You don’t have to be perfect, because nobody is.

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