4 thoughts on “Why the stories you tell might be ruining your life

  1. Lauren, this is so true! We tend to remember the bad so much more than the good and grumble and complain even in the face of our blessings. How much nicer for us and everyone else around us if we changed the stories we tell… if we remember all the blessings and all the silver linings to the dark clouds in our lives. Thanks for the reminder that is always needed.

  2. I have to tell you this story brought tears to my eyes! How wonderful that God opened your eyes to the blessings in that experience – so many (and yes, that includes me sometimes!) stay in the negative area…
    Thank you for sharing this – it’s often hard to share the times we’ve reacted in a less-than-stellar fashion. But those are where the lessons, and growth, are found!

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