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International frugal fun day

Since 1999, an interesting little holiday has been celebrated by children-at-heart around the globe on the first Saturday of every October – International Frugal Fun Day.

Today’s post is in honor of that, and hopefully, it will inspire you to find your own frugal fun this weekend.

Frugal fun is, in my opinion, one of the best types of fun there is.

Not because it is cheap, but rather because it is usually simple. Uncomplicated. Relaxing. Relational.

Free or nearly free activities are almost exclusively things that will connect you with people or nature (at least the ones that I can think of!). Playing board games with friends. Munzee hunting or geocaching. Checking out a local museum or festival. Taking a nature walk or bike ride. Going on a picnic. Of course, the list could go on and on.

These things are not wonderful because they are cheap, but because they create connection. Saving money is just a bonus.

Most of my best memories have been made doing rather ordinary things. All of my strongest relationships have been forged not through the blazes of exciting and unusual outings, but through the simple warmth of being together.

We love each other because we’ve chosen to spend time together, chosen to get to know each other.

Nothing more than that.

These days, I take it one step further. I love my life because I’ve chosen to be present in it. I’ve chosen to be present in the beautiful mundane, the glorious commonplace that I get to be a part of every single day. I don’t have to wait for some extraordinary occurrence to happen. My life is beautiful, even in the extraordinary ordinary.

Yours can be, too.

This Saturday, International Frugal Fun Day, is a perfect excuse to be present, simply and exquisitely present.

Don’t spend a lot of money. Just your time and attention.

What are YOU going to do to connect and have fun with people this weekend?

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1 thought on “International frugal fun day

  1. Hate that I missed this over the weekend, but then again, as my sister says when I miss her birthday: “It’s a great way to extend the celebration!”

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