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My word of the year: vulnerability

Happy day-after-Christmas! I hope that you enjoyed a drama-free weekend relaxing with the people you love best.

For many years now, my mother has bucked the traditional “new year’s resolutions” trend. Instead of goals, she comes up with a word – a single word that she hopes will shape her upcoming new year.

While a wonderful idea, it’s never really been something that I tried to pursue myself. I’d like to say it never resonated with me, although it would probably be more truthful to say that I simply never took the time to really think about an appropriate word.

This year, however, a word keeps coming to mind without me even trying to think of one.


Contrary to years past, this word definitely resonates with me.

So many things this year happened to me that I didn’t expect.  

I didn’t expect the overwhelming love and support when I made my diagnosis of depression public.

I didn’t expect to be published by dozens of publications and read by millions of people.

I didn’t expect to be invited to be a contributor on a new blog of the MGM network, which has millions of followers on social media.

I didn’t expect to be asked to be a guest on the TD Jakes show.

I could go on, but I think you get the idea.

The only things that I have actively pursued this year are vulnerability and consistency. Everything else has come as a bonus. None of the bonuses would have happened, however, if I hadn’t first been willing to be vulnerable.

I don’t think that’s an accident. When we are intentional about being vulnerable, we generate amazing opportunities to connect with people who identify with our story. When we are consistent in our daily habits, we naturally achieve great things over a period of time.

That’s why my word of the year is vulnerability.

Not because I assume that amazing opportunities are just going to fall into my lap in the upcoming year. Rather, I am going to continue to intentionally pursue vulnerability and consistency. The outcome doesn’t matter to me, because my focus will be on the process, not the result. If last year was any indication, however, I expect that the outcome will blow me away in more ways than one.

Do you have a “word” for next year that you’re excited about? Please share it in the comments!

2 thoughts on “My word of the year: vulnerability

  1. SO excited for you, Lauren! I know the impact my own Words have had on me. This year, it’s “Joy” – and I’m super-jazzed about it!

    Praying that your continued vulnerability will lead to continued growth in the coming year. Happy, happy 2017 🙂

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