Resetting gratitude

There are a few things that this time of year always makes me think of.

The flowers remind me of South Korea and the beautiful cherry blossoms that blanketed my city in the spring.

The fresh strawberries make me nostalgic for the day trips we used to make to self-pick strawberries in my elementary and middle school days.

And the coming of Easter always makes me think with anticipation of my family’s traditional celebration of Passover.

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The cost of avoiding the unknown

A long time ago, I received a pair of fuzzy pajama pants as a secret santa gift.

I remember at the time being so annoyed when I opened them. I’m naturally a very warm-natured person. Additionally, I live in the south. The combination of those things meant that I was pretty much guaranteed to never have an opportunity to wear those pants. It seemed like a waste of a gift, a thoughtless last-minute purchase that didn’t take into account me or my needs at all.

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Some of my favorite Christmas traditions

I was born in Pennsylvania, a state with significantly more annual snowfall than my current residence of Georgia.

When I was little, my dad used to climb on the roof on Christmas eve. He always made a point to bang around and make lots of noise. The next day, he’d bring me and my older brother outside to see the footprints on the rooftop, as “proof” that Santa had been there the previous night.

It’s a silly little story, but one that makes me smile every time I recount it.

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