My quest for a spaghetti life

I once heard a comedian describe the difference between how men and women think with a very vivid word picture.

Men, he said, have very compartmentalized brains. They think about one thing, and when they’re done with that they move on to the next thing. The different streams of thought in their brains rarely ever mix, like syrup in the squares of a waffle. Women, on the other hand, are more like a bowl of spaghetti. Everything is connected, often in a way that makes perfect sense to them but leaves onlookers scratching their heads in confusion.

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Don’t forget to show dads some love

Can you believe that Father’s day is just around the corner?

Perhaps, like many of us, it’s snuck up on you, in which case let this serve as your friendly reminder :).

I often feel like dads get a bum deal when it comes to celebratory holidays in their honor. On mother’s day, moms get showered with cards, flowers, chocolate, breakfast in bed, and sometimes even expensive jewelry. But dads? What do they get? Maybe a couple of cards and well-wishes, if they’re lucky?

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Summer sweetness amid life’s bitterness

When I was a kid, I lived for summer. Afternoons spent splashing in the pool, sleeping on blankets in the grass, and slurping frozen ice pops – those were the days. It was pure bliss.

Even when I was in college, I still thought of summer with eager anticipation. Summers as a college student looked different, but were still something to look forward to – visiting friends and traveling to foreign countries and catching up with family.

Now I am a full-fledged adult. As we begin to transition into another summer, I find that I don’t have the anticipation that I used to. I have allowed myself to be so weighed down by the cares of this world that I sometimes have a hard time remembering the good things.

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My summer bucket list

They say that the days are long but the years are short. So true! Can you believe that summer is already here? I certainly can’t. It seems like Christmas was only yesterday.

Yet here we are, well into the throes of whatever summer looks like where you are. For me, it’s blistering heat, afternoons spent by the pool, less traffic, and lots of gnats and mosquitoes.

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Resetting gratitude

There are a few things that this time of year always makes me think of.

The flowers remind me of South Korea and the beautiful cherry blossoms that blanketed my city in the spring.

The fresh strawberries make me nostalgic for the day trips we used to make to self-pick strawberries in my elementary and middle school days.

And the coming of Easter always makes me think with anticipation of my family’s traditional celebration of Passover.

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